Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Life's Jaunt So Far

My meaningless but eventful life has been a great roller coaster ride with very steep highs and very steep lows. Did I enjoy the ride? Till about 5-6 years ago, I think most of the time (even during some of the highs) I did not. But since then, I have started enjoying it and after my daughter was born 17 months ago, I love every moment of it.

I lived most of the first 17 years of my life in Ernakulam (or ‘Cochin’). The highs and lows of the ride were not very steep during those years. But life was not as placid as it was for most of my friends – it was action-packed with events like falling in love at an young age, stealing the question paper in class XI, organizing large-scale cultural and sports activities, dad becoming bankrupt, etc.

However the ride during the next 11 years was backbreaking with very steep highs and lows. Life really tested me with significant challenges during that period – derailment of my engineering education due to NDA admission which I eventually opted out, falling in love again, getting married, losing my mom, moving to five different places and working in six different firms (counting the two firms where I did my internship). Being highly sentient in nature, I developed both mental (stress, pressure, trauma) and physical (stess-related blood pressure, varicose veins, waist line expansion, lack of physical activities, etc) problems.

Life had stabilized in the past few years. But again, it has now reached a turning point with the US relocation. Is it for good or bad? Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Time is one of the best change-agents - Salil R.

Salil said...

Yes, it is.
As I said, people change, circumstances change, opinions change, even values change, over time.

Unknown said...

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