Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Power of Mmmmm…..

Whoever thinks that the sound mmmmm….. (increasing in pitch) is just that, a sound mmmmm…..., is hugely mistaken.

My daughter, Niharika, who is now one year and five months old, has started talking proper words since the last couple of weeks (she even calls me and my wife by our names). However, for almost four to five months before that, all she would say apart from amma, acha, etc, if you did not guess it by now, was mmmmm….

If you therefore thought that she was not able to communicate, you are mistaken again. With just that sound she would very clearly communicate with everybody at home what she wants. Mmmmm….. in her language meant ‘I want that’, ‘I want to come to you’, ‘I am hungry’, ‘I am sleepy’, ‘I want to get down’, ‘I want to be picked up’, ‘I want milk’, ‘I want that toy’, ‘I want to go out’, ‘I prefer to stay back’, ‘I don’t like that food’, etc.

Moral of the story - Language is not a barrier if you are amongst your loved ones!


Anonymous said...

Very true Salil - language not a barrier among loved ones; probably that answers why despite heavy documentations and meetings, why dis-agreements exists in official meetings.

Salil said...

He he, I am not sure the reverse analogy works here that the lack of communication in official meetings is due to lack of love.

Thanks buddy for the comment. I hear you are vacationing. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Made me nostalgic reading this. I seem to hear all over again the mmmmmmm from decades back!!