Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Letter from Death

“When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced.
Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice – Kabir”


I am death.

If you are scared of me, I suggest you continue reading till the very end. Believe me, what I say here might be helpful to you. Else, you may stop reading and leave now because there is nothing more you need to know to live.

I visit everyone in the world once in their lifetime and will visit you too. But you deny my existence. The society you live in also does the same and encourages you to do so. However, the truth is that I am inevitable. I am the only certainty in life. I keep happening all around you. Why do you prefer to close our eyes to me? Accept me as I am and don’t fight me. It is the denial of my existence that is responsible for your empty and meaningless life. You live your life as if it is never-ending, worrying about the future or buried in the past, and in the meantime, you lose your present.

And then you will start to see life in a whole different paradigm. If you live your life realizing and embracing mortality, I assure you that you will enjoy every moment of it. Just take the moment and make the best of it since you don’t know what is going to happen next. Stop doing things that you don't enjoy and pursue long-term goals that make you happy. Be grateful for what you have. Learn to forgive and forget. Don't take anything too seriously and don’t over analyze anything. Tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. Live every day as if it is your last!

You have a good life.

Be seeing you...


[PS : This blog was triggered by the sad and sudden demise of our CFO two days back and is dedicated to him. May his soul rest in peace!]


Anonymous said...

9/11 and walking on the holocaust sites changed my perspective of life. Since then, I try my best to 'live'.

The dilemma is we don't know when death will visit us; do we live as if we have another 10 days or 10 months or 10 years?

On the side note, our CFO was a gentle man and he will surely be missed.

Salil said...

Thanks for passing by.
Ideally, think everyday as your last day. But practically, I feel that is very difficult to practice. So the obvious alternative is to keep is as short as one can.
As you know I have worked very closely with our CFO and feel like I have lost a family member.

Unknown said...

I am extremely shocked to hear about Ram's sudden demise!! I still remember his self comoposed self at our HR bay just around the corner. He always had a word of encouragement for all of us....
I am sure he would be missed by a lot of us who have been directly and indirectly associated with him.

Salil said...

He was a perfect gentleman.
It was shocking for all of us. He never had any known medical issues.

Unknown said...

it was indeed so shocking when i got to know at 2.45 on 15th aug...
he is a thorough gentleman i should say, have really spent couple of good moments with him wherein he always leaves you with a feeling that such a busy man, can be so nice and friendly and moe so concerned...

Salil said...

It is very hard to believe.
He was a nice man and got along with everybody. We will miss him.

Renu said...

I believe in the same maxim ,but still i need to reinforce the thinking and thats the reason i read ur post.Nice one, but we need to be reminded very often

Salil said...

Yes, it is very difficult to practice and need a lot of reinforcements.
But it is easier for people who know me, becuase they often wish they died than having to deal with me :-)

Anonymous said...

I always remind myself that a night's sleep maybe for ever,so tell your dear ones how much they mean to you..Easy to say,difficult to practise..Yet,that thought is always there in my heart..

Keep writing..Hope to read more from you

Renu said...

Salil: A sense of humour like yours is very rare too find:). But my experience says that behind a humour like yours lies a very sensitive and serious person ?

Salil said...

Thank you for your comment.
It is really difficult to practice live each day as if it is your last. My very cousin passed away last week due to a very minor incident. How life can change due to a split-second decision!

Thank you for you kind words.
Probably you are right. But as long as I wear the mask, I guess I should be okay :-)

Renu said...

yeah sure, it gives one the strength to bear everything in life.Life is a big journey, with many ups and downs, what makes it pleasant is our countenance only:)

Unknown said...

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